Friday, May 24, 2013

A wonderful day on the Cape Peninsula! We started out climbing the rocks and exploring the tidal pools at Maidens' Beach, south of Camps' Bay, then visited Hout Bay, a traditional fishing village, where we ate fresh fish, calamari, and prawns at Mariners' Wharf. We continued south on Chapman's Peak Drive, stopping at several scenic overlooks, where we encountered some clouds and mist. Then on the way to Cape Point, we saw a whole troop of baboons! Cape Point was lovely, but misty and cloudy. We also stopped briefly at the Cape of Good Hope, the farthest southwest point in Africa. Our final stop was everyone's favorite - Boulders Beach and the African Penguin colony! We arrived home tired but happy, and were greeted with a delicious curry dinner, prepared by Gerda and Gerhard, the owners of the guest house.

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